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Salini, author of EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, is the co-host of a new show on healing and transformation, HEAL YOURSELF NOW TV at NATURALLY BETTER TV. Salini is steeped in knowledge about alternative healing and integrating the body, mind and spirit back to wholeness and health. She also guides people to spiritual awakening and healing duality. Her show focuses on alternative therapies for deep soul healing in many different modalities from many different disciplines. Salini will be covering emerging treatments, hidden healing truths and addressing serious illnesses such as cancer, HIV and others. You can find Salini’s show online at the links below.

And Salini is excited to announce she will be hosting the latest addition to NBTV’s roster – BEYOND THE MATRIX with SALINI. There she will explore breaking through the matrix of illusion to reveal the truth of the emerging paradigm. We’ve lived inside the lie long enough!! Salini will lead you from the prison they’ve constructed around your mind, body and spirit into the freedom of truth. Stay tuned for some shocks and deep awakening! Watch for links soon to be posted…

Above the clamor of the naysayers,
Truth rings the highest…
~ Salini

You can also tune into Salini’s radio show on Intention Radio where she talks about everything from Deep Healing with Reiki to the Return of the Sacred Feminine to Ending Global Enslavement. Below are links to her radio show –

Salini will be teaching courses such as Energy Healing, Spiritual Awakening and Ancient Wisdom Studies including Divine Feminine Studies at Peace Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment @ Some courses will be available online as webinars.

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Sending you love & light for your healing journey home ~ Salini

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