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Salini’s life is devoted to healing, empowering and awakening people from all manner of disease, suffering and unawareness. She has a lifetime of experience helping people recover and awaken to their true path of divinity. Salini is available for healing sessions and consultations in person or long distance, on Skype, to do speaking engagements and to teach workshops. You can purchase a copy of her book to acquaint yourself with her work; it’s available in e-book format as well. Or simply book a consultation here.

Salini maintains a prayer list of people she prays for regularly. If you would like to be added to the list, fill out the information form. Or if you would like to receive her newsletter, add your name to the list by filling out the box below.

The forces of light are defeating the forces of darkness here on Earth and a massive spiritual awakening is now underway. Everyone will soon surrender to the light. I send you love to strengthen you as you begin your transformation back home to wholeness…

…Salini ♥

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Sending you love & light for your healing journey home ~ Salini

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