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Salini was born and raised in California where she was trained and initiated by several Master spiritual teachers, including Reiki Grandmaster Hawayo Takata, Holy Mother Ammachi, Yogi Haeckel and Yogi Bhajan and her mother, Eulalia Mae. She is also a holistic practitioner with a clinical certification in addictions counseling, a trained bodyworker in multiple modalities, a spiritual guide, an alchemist and a shaman, among other studies.

Salini has been interviewed extensively and appeared on several talk shows, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she appeared to expose the failing American health care system.

In Salini’s eclectic career she has also been an actress, model, writer, editor, waitress, masseuse, addictions counselor, abalone diver, wrangler on a dude ranch and managed a retreat sanctuary in the wilds of Mexico. Salini also attended two universities and four alternative schools. Each of these experiences helped Salini to see the entirety of the fabric of life on Earth.

In addition, Salini is a survivor of the MK-Ultra trauma-based mind control/sex slavery program. She deprogrammed and healed herself and in the process developed a program for healing trauma, mind-control and addictions, and restoring the fractured spirit of humanity. Her dual initiation into light and dark served as the basis for Salini’s understanding of how to heal the matrix of duality in human consciousness. She offers this integrative healing program in her book, EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, now available everywhere. Salini has continued her spiritual training, education and initiation for the rest of her life.

Her work includes chronic illness, trauma recovery, sexual abuse recovery, mental and emotional illness, addiction recovery, chronic pain, shamanic healing, spiritual awakening and any other conditions brought to her. Salini works at the level of the soul issues and addresses all aspects of body, mind & spirit when working with clients. Additionally, Salini trains people in the healing of the split of duality within the human mind to bring individuals, collectives and cultures to wholeness.

Salini is the host of BEYOND THE MATRIX with SALINI, and co-host of HEAL YOURSELF NOW at She is a published author, columnist and screenwriter, teacher, spiritual retreat leader, motivational speaker and spiritual visionary. Salini also has a radio show on, also called Emerging From The Matrix, where she speaks truth to the awakening masses and teaches people to self-heal.

Salini is currently on the Faculty of Consciousness, Curriculum Development at Paradigm Education Academy of Creative Enlightenment, also known as PEACE School – There Salini teaches spiritual awakening and courses such as Energy Healing and Sacred Feminine Teachings. PEACE School is a global alternative academy dedicated to teaching the children of the new paradigm a holistic, awakened model of living on Earth.

Salini is available to teach, heal or awaken anyone interested in the path of spiritual awakening through energy work, soul alchemy, deep personal healing and Divine Mother love. She is the Divine Body Electrician and can rewire and restore your body’s energy grid in preparation for ascension.

She is available to travel and teach healing and spiritual awakening globally or for speaking engagements. She is also available for individual sessions in Australia or via Skype and can work on people long distance globally.

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When love is the bottom line,
Earth and her people will heal…
~ Salini



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