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Emerging From The Matrix

Welcome to Emerging From The Matrix, a site devoted to healing and awakening humanity and sharing truth to help break through the Matrix of unconsciousness prevalent on Earth today.

Salini, author of EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX, calls to humanity to awaken now at this pivotal moment when Mother Earth ascends into higher consciousness, bringing a wave of light and love to the entire Universe.

Salini offers healing and Divine Mother love to you to assist in your awakening.

Your Spirit is free,
let nothing enslave you!

Salini has broken the code of the matrix of oppression and outlined it in her ground-breaking book, EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX. She assists others to rise above this system of enslavement and step into their personal power in every aspect of her work.

Salini is an author, healer, teacher, counselor, shaman, global visionary and activist. She teaches workshops, heals broken souls and speaks truth to the awakening masses in her two TV shows – BEYOND THE MATRIX with SALINI, and HEAL YOURSELF NOW @ Naturally Better TV, and in her radio show – EMERGING FROM THE MATRIX on She has a highly successful addictions recovery program, The Reiki Recovery Project©, which heals addictions holistically liberating addicts to live drug-free, productive lives. As well as speaking and helping her regular clients, Salini works with the disenfranchised, abused, ill, discarded, forgotten, exiled and wounded among us to restore their power, faith and opportunity. In her own journey of healing and spiritual awakening, Salini recovered lost soul parts, healed her illnesses naturally and integrated the compartmentalization she experienced as a survivor of MK-Ultra trauma-based mind control and sex slavery. She brings her message of truth, love, healing and hope to everyone in her book, speaking engagements, shows and workshops wherever she goes.


Salini’s message to all

We are all currently experiencing a massive spiritual awakening. Light is streaming to Earth and cleansing away the old paradigm. Something far more beautiful is being born. This is why so much chaos has developed globally. It’s like a wound healing; it gets worse before it gets better. The storm will soon end and the clouds will part to reveal a shining new world.

I have walked through this dark matrix and come out the other side liberated from duality. You can too. I’ve mapped the way. I was once afraid, but am no longer. I offer you the lessons that will liberate your soul from bondage to darkness. Freedom is ours for the taking. Seize it.

That’s what this book is all about.

I saw the dark and I saw the light, together as one energy…healed. We’re on our way. This is what my eyes beheld within the fiery inferno of the dark side of the patriarchy…and the brilliant and peaceful realms of light. These are the lessons learned as a sex slave and an initiate into love and healing. This is who I have become in dying and resurrecting myself. And this is the healing I bring for those of you still in bondage.

Have faith. Your imprisonment is ending!


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